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FlavorWiki is a unique consumer insights and data management solution designed specifically for the food and beverage industry. We use digital technology to capture individual consumer insights at scale with a focus on taste perception and preference. Our goal is to accelerate the food industry by offering an affordable solution that delivers insights with 10X the reach of existing methods. Since launching our technology last year we have unlocked applications for taste data across the food value chain which were never possible before.

Whether you're a major food company, professional chef, dedicated foodie or parent with picky kids, let FlavorWiki be your guide.


Get to know your food

Developing a deeper understanding of food and taste perception can benefit even the most sophisticated foodies and food professionals. Using digital technology and advanced analytics, FlavorWiki helps you create incredible taste experiences for your audience.

Whether you're a dedicated home chef interested in improving your sense of taste, food supplier seeking new ways to market your product or an R&D team creating the next big international hit, let FlavorWiki be your guide.

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